The new identity focuses on the core colours of Ulster and introduces a contemporary positioning for mark and type. The new mark recognises the previous design however with some attention we were able to find an abstract letter U from the shapes to represent Ulster GAA more confidently. We introduced a new shape system to underpin the graphic language for the brand all originating from the new U. The real backbone of the visual narrative is the new mark which is used in extreme large moments, to create a pattern system and also in smaller moments in the brand roll out.

Updating the mark we wanted to evolve the symbol and typography rather than re-design. This approach appreciates the heritage of the brand whilst giving it a new lease of life through carefully considered mark making – sharp, exciting and eye-catching shapes paired with functional, unique type.

The new crest design challenge was similar to the brand mark however we wanted to retain the historic look and feel of the existing crest and give it a more useable, contemporary design. Simplification was the key driver in the approach to this. A simpler shape, more legible type, timeless application.

The new brand direction has a stale of bright and bold colours which will feature more so across sub brands and societies within Ulster GAA. We also turned up the volume on the core Amber and Red colours of Ulster as we consider more of a digital outlook on marketing.

We have introduced the ‘September’ font family to represent Ulster GAA. September is a modern san serif typeface with a strong corporate design. It has soft edges and quirky moments across the family. The font represents Sport very well in headlines and in body copy and hosts an array of weights within the family.

We Are Kaizen left shape
We Are Kaizen right shape
We Are Kaizen right opacity