Creating Future Heritage

Opened in 1875 Punchestown is Ireland’s leading independent racecourse. Each year in late April the Punchestown Festival attracts over 300,000 attendees to Co.Kildare. As markets change, Punchestown chose to proactively target and market the racecourse to new racegoers across the UK & Ireland. With a brand steeped in such heritage, our focus was respectfully treating the brand while providing opportunity for it engage new audiences.

Branding True To Your Values

Working in conjunction with the Senior Communication team and Board members, we conducted a workshop to better understand the racecourse as an organisation. Already having a robust knowledge of the business of horse racing, we wanted to further understand the commercial opportunities unique to Punchestown. Armed with knowledge, our team delivered unique branding concepts, campaign suites and supporting digital assets to present each brand. While branding is an objective process, we understand that those stakeholders involved in this process will always be vested within the project. We justified our research and after a little adaptation, the chosen brand moved into real world application.

So, great news is Punchestown landed Racecourse of the Year 2018 at the national awards last night. We would really like to thank you and your team for all your hard work. Can’t help but feel Kaizen is an extension of the Punchestown team.

Shona Dreaper – PR & Communications Manager – Punchestown Racecourse

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