A north coast icon

Established in Portstewart in 2013, this Bob & Berts bucked the trend of international coffee chains by focusing on fresh food prepared on-site. Not only did the local market love the Bob & Berts difference, by 2017 the brand was 18 stores strong.

From logo to unified visual strategy.

Bob and Bert’s had a well-established type-based logo, but they needed a wider visual strategy that captured and extended their brand personality across all customer touch points. Examining and experimenting with everything from coffee cups and in store experience design to digital marketing and advertising. We dug deep to understand what makes Bob & Berts unique and how this could be communicated on a larger scale.

What we discovered was much more than delicious food and drinks, Bob & Berts are loved for their welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, and how they bring a sense fun and indulgence to everyday moments such as catching up for brunch with friends on the weekend, or popping in for an ice-cream sundae after school.

That’s bob & berts

The ‘That’s Bob & Berts’ campaign was born. Using the well known Bob & Berts ampersand, we created playful pairings that highlight Bob & Berts inclusivity and sense of fun.

You & Me Time, Mummies & Daughters Time, Eggs & Ice-cream Time. The messaging is unapologetically simple and fun, yet it perfectly captures Bob and Berts ‘here for all’ brand personality.

Ice cream & good times

Inspired by their north coast origins we introduced ice-cream shades to their existing colour palette

Inclusive design

Bright gradients that represent the sea, sunrise and sunset. Together the tones are warm, soothing and inviting, designed to put customers at ease and offer creative scope for high impact visual marketing and advertising.

We extended this fun, friendly attitude campaign-wide, creating a range of visual assets that combine lifestyle photography with bold colourful messaging, and illustration inspired by the Bob & Berts logo.

The result

Today Bob & Berts are powering through their expansion plans with four new sites earmarked in the north-west of England and Yorkshire set to open before the end of 2023. The move will take this savvy, hospitality chain to 32 outlets strong with no signs of slowing dow

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