In 1792 Richard Beamish & Richard Crawford, two Cork merchants, established the famous Beamish & Crawford brewery, situated in the heart of Cork city. To this day Beamish stout is being enjoyed in bars and homes throughout Northern Ireland, such as The Duke of York, Sunflower Bar and the Old Courthouse, Bangor. Beamish has a rich roasted flavour with coffee and dark chocolate undertones, making it a genuine Irish stout.

Experiencing a spike in sales within the stout category, our brief was clear: target and captivate the burgeoning audience of hipsters and coffee enthusiasts already drawn to this good value pint.

Collaborating closely with United Wine Merchants and the establishments stocking Beamish mentioned above, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a retro aesthetic that would resonate with new demographics while preserving the timeless essence of this well-loved Irish stout.

In addition to the mentioned collaboration, there was a secondary need for a commercial push aimed at potential stockists beyond those already catering to the hipster and coffee enthusiast clientele. This led to a supplementary objective: developing a photography-led creative for the campaign.

From the inception of photography and creative direction to the execution and oversight of out-of-home advertising, our involvement extended to the development of a new suite of digital and offline marketing materials.

The result? A visually captivating campaign that not only elevated Beamish Irish Stout’s presence throughout Northern Ireland, but also spoke directly to the hearts of the target audience.

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