Brand refresh

The task was to evolve the Applegreen brand identity through a refresh of their visibility online, in-store and in print media. Applegreen showcase a recognisable and valued reputation and the brand refresh aims to showcase this unique quality through inviting colours, positive images and a customer focused message.

A new lease of life

The brand refresh for Applegreen was implemented after careful consideration and exploration. We met with the Senior Marketing and Brand Team at Applegreen to discuss their aspirations and implemented research through multiple focus groups and brand exercises. Applegreen recognise the importance of evolution and wanted to give their identity a new lease of life. Incorporating a digital palette and focusing on their recognisable apple leaf and the versatility it holds, we were able to create a refreshing, energetic and modern identity.

We’re with you on your journey

Applegreen are a much-loved company, aiding the journey of commuters one location at a time. We wanted to capture the essence of the journey, navigating customers with a bright and positive colour palette. Additionally, we reaffirmed the Applegreen identity to have a focused demographic, appealing to the modern customer we are all becoming, on their journey into the new digital age. The showstopping graphics, imagery and colour-scheme undoubtedly captures the essence of Applegreen and everything they aspire to be.

We Are Kaizen left shape
We Are Kaizen right shape
We Are Kaizen right opacity