Brand & Print

United Wines understand the power of delivering a quality brand consistently and in 2018 worked with us to redesign their brand identity. We are proud to say that it has stood the test of time and looks just a great today.

Building lasting relationships

Working in a fast-paced industry where suppliers, buyers and brands constantly evolve and change, United Wines wanted to establish solid identity. Something that would speak directly to their industry and communicate a sense of trust and longevity that their clients could rely on.

We worked with the team not only to deliver a new brand mark, but to redesign a comprehensive suite of marketing material including product catalogues, brochures, pop-up banners, stationery and more.

Stylish & contemporary

By experimenting with a range of visual designs, we developed a subtle yet striking’ U’ logo mark and paired it with a versatile sans-serif font family and sophisticated plum colour palette. The logo stylishly depicts the United Wines initial, with a playful nod to a wine bottle shape that represents their expertise.

The brand mark is strong and contemporary, delivering beautifully across the United Wines portfolio on everything from business cards to catalogues.

The Digital Evolution

In 2022 United Wines reached a point where their product portfolio had outgrown their existing website and become disjointed and confusing. The team were keen to improve usability and sought out our services to redesign their website. Together we established two key goals; to design a streamlined, agile United Wines website that is easy for the team to manage and easy for clients to use. And secondly to present a fresh faced United Wines brand for digitally connected audience.

Streamlined UX

To improve user experience, we worked with the team to strip down and rebuild their website architecture. Consolidating what were originally separate UK and Ireland channels we simplified navigation to improve user experience and conversions.

By going back to basic’s we were able to effectively remap the site, linking content logically and making the entire site more user friendly to manage and use. The addition of a blog delivers on seo goals while providing further resources for clients without overloading the product pages.

Raising a glass

Taking United Wines established brand, we gave the website a fresh modern feel that clients resonate with.

Redesigned to a clean, modern layout. Pops of colour, guide users through the site and reinforce the brand feel without overwhelming. Beautiful hi-res photography reinforces brand quality and delivers information visually and a bespoke team page, provides connection points for clients to get to know the faces behind the brand.

The website is now streamlined and efficient, built with a busy digital users needs in mind and ready to grow.

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