Building a solid reputation

With design up first, we set out to balance the formidable strength of Sayvale’s reputation with a fresh modern style that could evolve with their business and translate professionally across all assets.

Future focused

By exploring a range of visual designs, we developed the versatile yet simple’ S’ logo mark and paired it with a clean sans-serif and modern stone colour palette. Inspired by the skilled construction and architecture Sayvale work on, the logo playfully and stylishly represents the Sayvale initial. The final brand mark is contemporary and trustworthy, delivering impact on everything from Sayvale’s stationery to hardhats, crew uniforms and vehicles.

Future focused

For the website Sayvale had two main goals. They wanted their website to be forward thinking and modern in how it presented project success and capable of growing with the business. Building on their freshly crafted identity, we sought inventive ways to communicate this expertise digitally. 

We wanted to make Sayvale’s portfolio more engaging and enjoyable. From this concept, we designed a fully customised map that delivers instant visual recognition of Sayvale project success. Not only does this design highlight Sayvale’s expertise. The map invites interaction and encourages users to explore and learn more about the projects. The team can also easily add further projects to the map and see their business grow and evolve into the future.

With the map grounding the design we applied Sayvale’s clean monochromatic palette and used the sharp curves and angles of the logo to extend and elevate the brand experience.Interactive elements, animated stats and contemporary photography reinforce trust signals and deliver key information in interesting ways. The new site now gives the Sayvale team a platform that’s easy to maintain whilst standing out from their competitors with a modern and intuitive design.

We Are Kaizen left shape
We Are Kaizen right shape
We Are Kaizen right opacity